If your MiniX is failing to boot, or freezes, you can recover the firmware via PhoenixCard. Take version 3.06 or up. The procedure to flash the firmware via a MicroSD card is here.

The later the version, the more features / less bugs.

Phoenixcard 3.06

Phoenixcard 3.09

Allwinner A10 based boxes

Android 4.0

February 2013

July 2012

June 2012

Android 2.3

MiniX 2.3

Mele 2.3

RK3066 based boxes:

Standard firmware

Allwinner A10S based boxes:

Version 1.6

Allwinner A20 based boxes:

Standard firmware


15 thoughts on “Firmware

  1. I’ve heared that june firmware is faster and more stable than july firmware.

    • Not true. The july is more stable. The august version has the least bugs. Android 2.3 is still the fastest. On which point do you mean most stable?

      • Mine (512MB) MiniX plus is faster with july version than 2.3 but this july version is very unstable. Browser works fine only after fresh installation of firmware and after few days it hangs all the time and “wait” for app not responding is every now and then on screen…
        If I clear browser cache then it works ok for some time but other apps hangs too.
        2.3 works fine but GUI is much slower than 4.3

      • I’ve received minix with June firmware. It works OK (Well, at least it suits me… for now). I haven’t tried others yet so I can’t actually compare them. But some users on Russian forum ( say that June firmware is the best. Others say that July. Well, I guess I’ll never find out who is right until I try them all 🙂

  2. Firmware – is the main problem of all the Chinese android devices. It takes pretty much time for a good firmware to appear. Very often good, stable and optimized firmwares never come out, because Chinese factories start producing new devices and stop supporting old ones. In such cases customers can only hope for themselves making custom firmwares and adapting firmwares from other devices.

    • Depends on someone with the skills to assemble a complete zip (flashable with Clockworkmod) or Flashable image (with Livesuit or Phoenixcard). The former should be possible this week, the latter is more difficult and I need someone with skills to do that. Don’t rely on Pineriver, they are still stalling this and saying “in a few weeks”.

  3. I can’t find a firmware 2.3 for minix to download. Can you send me a directlink? Thanks!

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