Buy analog video and audio cable

The MiniX uses a quite different AV cable which I managed to track down to a seller based in The Netherlands. It is called a TRRS in other words a tip ring ring sleeve cable.

As you can see in this blog the length of the plug should be longer than normal plugs otherwise it will not work. It should be 14 + 2,5 or preferably 17 millimeters. I hope it will work with this one as pinouts can be very different on various versions.

Pinout should be:

Pin 1 (tip): video
Pin 2: Audio L
Pin 3: Audio R
Pin 4: Ground

Price is 8,95 euro’s .

Learn more about the TRSS sleeve cables here



Linux progress with video acceleration

So I had to run Linux on this machine. As a lot of builds for the Allwinner A10 platform are gone (since MiniAnd is offline) I had to look for much newer builds. The ultimate goal is to have XBMC running with 1080P hardware acceleration. As there is a lot of difference in Linux builds it’s best to try out some distro’s. I found the Cubieboard 1 (also with Allwinner A10) to be capable. There are some quirks however. Wifi is very unstable in most of the distro’s.

Cubian X

Has 1080P / Hotplug USB does not work


Has XBMC 12 (quite old), plays 1080P files fine, has HDMI audio, runs in 720P resolution.

Debian Jessie Cubieboard A10

Screen blanks out some time, usb ports fail after that. Runs in 1080.

Armbian Cubieboard 1

Is one of the smoothest in video, lacks wifi driver, lacks ethernet driver, has HDMI audio, runs on 1080P.

For now Qbee and Armbian are the best. What I would like to see is if someone is able to cook up a Debian Jessy with HDMI audio, 1080P, wifi support and hotplug USB and a much newer XBMC as 12 is way too old for any of the add-ons to work.

This needs much more testing, you can help me out.