Firmware flashing procedure

To update the MiniX firmware, you can do this in various ways.

-Via a Micro SD card
-Upload a newer firmware via de Linux “DD” command
-Through a hardware flasher, currently investigated by J1nx.

The first method seems the easiest but somewhat undocumented.

-Have a MicroSD card, some say it needs to be >=8GB but I doubt that’s true
-Start up PhoenixCard and burn the IMG firmare file to the stick
-WAIT until the full “Rate” bar is filled. Boot loader burn [sucess] is NOT completed yet.
-It takes around 3-5 minutes to fully burn the firmware file, so please be patient.
-Phoenixcard does 3 checks to ensure the firmware is flashed correctly.

Put the card into the MiniX, and only connect the powersupply after this.
The LED goes on, and turns off when flashing is complete. After this, remove the card and boot normally by connecting the USB cable for ADB or power supply for connection to TV.


3 thoughts on “Firmware flashing procedure

  1. Just a heads up, After flashing the device thrue sd card, The standard output will be Composite, atleast for me, It was a easy fix to edit for hdmi, just need a RC audio or video cable cut it in half and get the copper ends to stick on the composite output pins, and plugg in the other end to the composite input on the tv, then start up mini x and edit output signal.

    Can write manual if anyone needs ut

    / Marcus

  2. I’m having a problem on my TV Minix. The boot freezes at the android logo. If I do the firmware update it can work again?! Help me please. Thanks

  3. my problem is like that of rafael furlan. as I can rewrite the firmware to iniciede correctly.

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