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What is a MiniX (Plus)?

It’s a small box running a mobile operating system, Android 2.3 or Android 4.0. You can connect it to your tv (via HDMI or composite) or a display with vga or dvi input (with a converter.

Can the MiniX (Plus) be rooted?

Yes, the MiniX is already rooted from the factory. The newer MiniX Plus versions,and clones can be rooted as well.

Is dual video out possible?

I have spend a lot of time searching for this and it certainly goes much further than just editing evb.bin, script.bin or others.
In Android devices, some of them support LVDS + HDMI. LVDS is a display interface that can connect to lcd displays.
Both HDMI + CVBS over RCA is unlikely to be possible. The device detects the output on boot and sets the PAL or NTSC output accordingly.
If you have a different solution for this, please contact me.