Allwinner A20 MiniX firmware

The guys at forum have noticed that there is a firmware version for the MiniX with Allwinner A20 chipset.

Flash it at your own risk with Phoenixcard 3.0.9. Flash instructions are at the firmware page.

Link to firmware (ONLY for Allwinner A20)

Link to Phoenixcard 3.0.9

Different MiniX internals

I came across MiniX versions with different internals. Some have Allwinner A20 (dual-core) and some have A10S.
Interesting also is that some of the versions now seem to have mini HDMI instead of full and a headphone port added (because of the smaller HDMI plug).

There are some reports that these devices can be flashed with the 0202 firmware (1.6) I have put on the firmware page.

Please report any problems (as always on your own risk).








Power consumption

A user from measured the power consumption of the MiniX with the August firmware.
Off means when the led is red.

Off/standby – 10mA
Boot – 220-380mA
Android logo booting – 450mA
Idle(home screen) – 340-390mA
Mouse connected – 420mA
Mouse pointer move – 550-580mA
Interactive governer idle – 200-260mA
Video streaming from app 300-500mA (maybe depends on FPS)
GTA3 with joystick connected – 550mA
Angry Birds – 590mA
Standby with interactive governer – 40mA
Standby default governer fantasy – 330mA