Android 2.3 for A10 and 1.6 for A10s online

As promised a long time ago, I would upload the Android 2.3 for the MiniX and MiniXPlus. Both the MiniX and Mele version are available for download. Android 2.3 might be old, but it runs much better and cooler than 4.x versions. It’s on the firmware page, let me know if there are any issues.

For the Allwinner A10S the standard 1.6 firmware is also online. As I do not have a box with A10S chipset I cannot test it.

Hardware accelerated VLC for MiniX

So it seems that the CedarX library to support hardware accelerated (HD) video is still a problem, even after all these years. Now what came to my attention is a special VideoLAN VLC build for MiniX Plus. I hope you can test this out for me:

He also made a special firmware, but I’m unaware of any changes: