Android 2.3 for A10 and 1.6 for A10s online

As promised a long time ago, I would upload the Android 2.3 for the MiniX and MiniXPlus. Both the MiniX and Mele version are available for download. Android 2.3 might be old, but it runs much better and cooler than 4.x versions. It’s on the firmware page, let me know if there are any issues.

For the Allwinner A10S the standard 1.6 firmware is also online. As I do not have a box with A10S chipset I cannot test it.


3 thoughts on “Android 2.3 for A10 and 1.6 for A10s online

  1. Thanks a lot for your efforts and for your time! I did flash the Mele version of the firmware first, it’s really a lot faster than any of the Android 4 versions I’ve ever installed. Android 2.3 is quite an old version nowadays though. I did also flash the other minix 2.3 firmware (it’s the one I’m running right now) and the thing gets even better, looks like the launcher included here is lighter, therefore everything runs smoother. Google Market runs well, but unfortunately there’s no way I found to update it to Google Play. Playing around with Spotify and YouTube and they both run flawlessly. Installed Mame4droid, with offered an incredible performance when ran on Android 4 (baring in mind the low specs of the minix compared to other set top boxes available today) but in Android 2.3 it doesn’t run… Shuts down the app when configuring the roms path… Will try to figure out something later on. It’s good to see my good old Minix back to life and back to the 2.3 essence though. Will keep you posted! Thanks again, for keeping the site alive!

    • Thanks for your extended testing, allways welcome to help you out. Which version has the lightest launcher, the Mele or the MiniX one? The visitors is what keeps this Android box alive 🙂 No problem, I have some more planned posts coming up.

      • Welcome! the one with the lightest launcher is the MiniX one, the Mele one brought some troubles keeping activities such as Spotify running in the background, while MiniX’ s is perfectly able.Will keep testing this weekeng and will come back with the outcome.

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