Hardware accelerated VLC for MiniX

So it seems that the CedarX library to support hardware accelerated (HD) video is still a problem, even after all these years. Now what came to my attention is a special VideoLAN VLC build for MiniX Plus. I hope you can test this out for me:


He also made a special firmware, but I’m unaware of any changes:



4 thoughts on “Hardware accelerated VLC for MiniX

  1. Great! I’m willing to try this firmware update, buy I can’t find a download link… Looked everywhere in the file repository though…
    Maybe I’m looking in a wrong way? Thank you very much!

  2. Oh! Just found the zip, i was using the phone to navigate and it didn’t show up. Thanks and sorry!

  3. Looks like this is a special version of Linux for the MiniX Plus? Anyone tried to compile/test it? Is it viable or easy to do?

    • I contacted Mathias (the editor) via email. He does not have the time to work on it right now but maybe one of you guys can have a look.

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