2016 news coming up

I was away for a while. Partially because of other interests. But 2016 I’m back with new MiniX articles. I also plan to do a head to head comparison to the recently released Raspberry Pi Zero. Stay tuned.


22 thoughts on “2016 news coming up

  1. I have the banana pi and ordered the banana pi BPI-M2, maybe I could do some benchmarking to extend the comparison?

    • Sure. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to achieve this but sounds cool. Drop me a mail so we can arrange this. invictaz at yahoo

  2. We need kodi support for this old device.
    This junk is in my closet after ive tried everything to be able to play videos in kodi with no luck (ive tried everything: ubuntu,debian, lib cedarx and many test builds of kodi for the allwinner a10 cpu with no luck)
    Now i have another tv box and im happy but i still want to win and be able to run kodi with full hd videos on this old device.
    If someone knows how to produce a special build of openELEC with allwinner a10 codecs we can win!

    • Very interesting. I have heard that there were some working Allwinner A10 working Kodi packages. I would not try to run it under Android though as it can be very slow. Did you try it with Xubuntu or any XFCE build of Linux?

      It seems that the VPU / GPU support is very tricky. Or devs only implemented Kodi support for it’s successor the Allwinner A20?

      • I havnt tried but im certain it wont work..
        as for android the kodi dev team said that they dont want any contact witht he allwinner company because they refused to co-operate with them.
        As for now i cant check new method on my old minix because i got break…
        but i wont give up i must run kodi on allwinner a10.

      • If the VPU / GPU works under Linux I might suspect it works also under Kodi, or is that too short sighted? Maybe we should ask J1nx.nl who has experience with XBMC on Allwinner, I have contacted him today.

      • So the thing is set Kodi as renderer and MXplayer as the player as the Vidon.me versions work only on their own boxes if I’m reading correctly in that forum.

      • Mx player’s method is old and i used it for some time but its nothing like the integrated kodi player.
        For example: i usually watch movies with subtitles and i cant download subtitles in mx player..
        The kodi player has more features than the mxplayer has (like resizing the picture any way you want, fix for subtitles and audio delay and many more…)
        In what ive sent you some people claimed that the vidon.me player version 1.0.0 worked for them on their a10 devices.
        But when ive tried to open this version on my minix it crashed…
        They said the vidon.me builds( which built for allwinner a20 and a31) should have the same codecs as the allwinner a10.
        I was so curious about those vidon.me builds so my neighbor brought a tv box with an allwinner a31 which had support with the vidon.me builds, when ive tried to play an HD movie it was ok but not that good.. The video had a small delay with the voice and it seemed like the vidon developers change the original xbmc video player to their own version of video player (it was a year ago) the last time i checkd he’s box they did an update for the build and now it runs quite well so ive tried to run this on my minix and.. Nothing happend when i tried to play a movie i got crash.
        In the thread ive sent you there is a build that someone made that has almost good support with the a10 video codec but its still not that good.
        Right now i had a minix neo z64 and im happy but i will never give up until i could run kodi on this old allwinner a10 junk…
        Seriously i could open a blog on the nights i spent on my attempts to run xbmc .

      • ok, y’alls enthusiasm is catchy, here is a serious question: What does it take to get the necessary video codecs working? How much inner knowledge of the GPU/VPU?

        can you walk me thru the process of compiling a codec and test it. I have the MiniX A10, the Banana PI A20 and the Banana PI M2 A31s. So I could work with what works and regress it to the A10

      • From what I am reading both the A10 and the A20 use the same GPU the Mali-400 MP2 the only real difference is that extra core

      • lol – my enthusiasm is based on your enthusiasm. Anyways based on this page:


        The opensource drivers arent ready yet. That means the best option is Kodi for Android. The latest commit on that link you gave me was 4 years ago which probably corresponds to this:

        and I am betting the performance will never get any better then when you play YouTube videos which has that lipsync issue.

        The work/reward ratio is too high
        — those drivers need to get done first.

      • Victor please look at the last link I posted, it is from 2016 Kodi forum and is dedicated development for the Allwinner A10 / A20. Not 2012 stuff.

    • Victor, i can tell you for sure enthusiasm is a good thing because its what drives our world forward..
      As for the task, ive seen once this j1nx guys runs xbmc on linux smoothly i think he had some raspberry pi replica with an allwinner a10 cpu and he played big buck bunny with no problem.
      Im not at home right now but when i will be at home i will send you.. He is not a magician he succeeded to do it somehow and im sure i missed something.

  3. Something that might help to keep this old device alive is to rename this forum to Allwinner A10 devices. That might attract help from the old MK802 crowd and maybe other devices. There were a lot of MK802 people back in those days.

    • Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I’m not going to do that. I then have to fill the site with information on a device I don’t own and not plan to own. Feel fee to supply me with info from the MK802 that can benefit the MiniX exploring though. I hope you can understand.

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