Different MiniX internals

I came across MiniX versions with different internals. Some have Allwinner A20 (dual-core) and some have A10S.
Interesting also is that some of the versions now seem to have mini HDMI instead of full and a headphone port added (because of the smaller HDMI plug).

There are some reports that these devices can be flashed with the 0202 firmware (1.6) I have put on the firmware page.

Please report any problems (as always on your own risk).









4 thoughts on “Different MiniX internals

  1. So this site is still alive and well! Sorry not related to this subject, but I have a Mini Xplus… and the remote seems rather cheap. Just wondering if it is known what the IR codes are. Is it possible to use a universal remote in place of the one which came with the Mini Xplus? Of course, not all the buttons would map, but as a media center, the main buttons required would be navigation (up, down, left, right), select, and the media buttons (pause, play, stop, fast forward, and rewind). I know I saw reference to Google TV remote, but I don’t necessarily want to buy a new remote if somehow I can reuse an old remote.

      • Thanks much for the tip! I tried some codes for Pioneer on an old universal remote with no success. I then did a Google search on 6 and EFC 182 and found this link:


        where 6, 182 seems to be related to a “CD-R” (?) device. I tried a universal remote for a home theater system (also fairly old) where they had a code for a Pioneer CD player (but nothing separate for CD-R). No success. (I also tried for DVD/LD player with no success.) So possibly this is the right code to use, but I have no universal remote which can support such a code. For example, on the above link, they distinguish between a CD player EFC 180 and CD-R EFC 182. Thus, I assume that the universal remotes I have might be able to support a device with EFC 180 but not 182. While I would be tempted to get a Philips Pronto, I don’t think I can justify it just for use with this Mini Xplus. I noticed there are some used ones on Amazon and eBay for about $50.

        I thought I had a remote where I could teach IR codes by pointing the IR at the remote…

      • PS. It turns how I do have a remote which can learn IRs. It came with my Pioneer A/V receiver. However, it as well is a few years old. I found out that CD-R stands for CD Recorder. At any rate, I don’t know why, but even when trying the function on the remote which scans through all the codes for a given device, it couldn’t find one compatible with Mini Xplus. I had it scan CD-Rs, CD, and DVD players. It could be that the learning remote was prior to Pioneer CD-Rs. That is, it looked like it didn’t have any Pioneer CD-Rs, so perhaps Pioneer came out with a CD-R after this remote.

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