New firmware for MiniX Plus – Januari 2013

So it seems that Pineriver finally decided to listen. Yes there is still some DRM implemented that the firmware works only on non-counterfeited boxes (specific MAC address range).

The good news is everyone FINALLY can restore his/her MiniX Plus (both versions 512/1GB) to factory state when something has gone wrong.

This is not the first available image around, I have waited some time to publish this, as there were bootloops reported in earlier versions.

Also, there is a new version of E-control app out.

The changelog for this January 2013 firmware is:

1) update “base” dir of android,
2) Google TV remote is supported;
3) NAND driver updated

The image is rooted. Have fun!


19 thoughts on “New firmware for MiniX Plus – Januari 2013

  1. Hi,
    thank you for your effort! Waiting for the link 🙂
    Will this work on non plus version of MiniX?
    And what does it mean “works only on non-counterfeited boxes”. Could you elaborate it more?

  2. H24 Firmware 20130114

    Direct link:

    H24 minixplus Firmware Release Notes
    1.This is the version H24-V1.6-0114;
    Fix the boot looping problems found in some cases;
    1)update E-control server;
    2)fix bugs on softmouse leftcn key–> using IR “loop” key;
    3)add support for RMVB/DTS and other formats;
    4)add more GSPCA USB camera drivers
    5)Root access enabled
    6)AV out: pls set ” audio codec” in settings menu;
    3. E-Control APK Android version 0107: pls download from : ;
    also pls find E-Control app on Apple Store;
    4.Some early users may have to report their wifi MAC address(get it in wifi settings to get access to new
    menu with “advanced” option) together with a product photo to us to enable E-Control features; email address:

  3. It happened to someone else or just me???
    Some applications that previously worked fine, now start with the screen rotated (as if viewed from a mobile)
    And there’s no way to put them in panoramic view correctly …

    I’m watching the TV in this way:

  4. The ‘Favor’ (Favorites) button on the remote never worked. How can this be fixed? Does this new firmware solves this (among other problems)?
    I have the Mini X Plus II, with its untouched original firmware, not rooted, etc. Just the way it was (poorly) built.
    Can someone please tell me how to setup the ‘Favorites’ button on the remote?
    Many thanks.

  5. i’ve noticed that this update great but there’s realy big problem…
    the youtube app doesnt work with the new kernel from 21\12\12
    you have any ideas how to fix this problem?

  6. I found a newer Feb 2, 2013 firmware image linked from and it seems to work ok, except that the remote “power off” button doesn’t ever seem to get me to the power down dialog no matter how long I hold it down. Thus the blue LED on the front never goes to red (off).

    I also have never found a decent app to do this sort of “power down” though there are tons of silly and useless “screen off/screen lock” apps.

  7. Hello all! Been searching the Web like crazy for the Android 2.3 firmware update for the H24 pineriver A10 with 512 gb of ram with no luck. Since back in the days I found those firmwares here at this wonderful site, I was wondering if you could re-upload them again, as links are currently down. Thanks a lot for your great job! Aze131.

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