USB peripherals – lack of power

I’ve tried numerous USB add-ons to the MiniX and MiniX plus and only some of them worked out of the box. I’m hearing different stories about USB gamepads, Webcams and so on.

The only thing that worked were a mouse/keyboard and a Huawei K3765 USB dongle (unlocked) which gave a stable 3G signal in the later firmware versions.

But, in order to have webcams working under Skype and even printers (which is possible on Samsungs) you need a bunch of things before it works out well:

-Enough power

So far, the driver implementation via insmod procedure didn’t work out well for me.
Also, I’m lacking a proper usb powered hub at this moment. I might have one around the house, so I can try what happens.

If you connect a webcam via a powered hub, you need the Camera ICS app from the Play store, since it is able to display from an externally connected camera.

Please post back results.


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