Autumn progress – 65.000 visitors

So I’m still active with the MiniX and the MiniX Plus, but unfortunately there is no such thing as a firmware for the MiniX Plus. Both and Pineriver (the manufacturer) promised it over and over again, and no such thing showed up.

I do have extracted the files from all partitions (it is possible when you root it) but am unable to remake it into an image that can be flashed.

In the coming weeks/months I’m planning to do these updates:

-/system/etc directory, as it may be required to get e-server app working (wireless remote)
-Gamepad and Webcam compatibility
-Maybe some custom ROM progression


2 thoughts on “Autumn progress – 65.000 visitors

  1. Nice to heare that! Can you help me to make my flash player to see flash videos (from youtube,and other video sites) in full screen? In the June firmware is working good,i can see the videos in full screen,but in june firmware the play o flash files is on half screen.Im using composite output,i dont have hdmi tv.
    Thanks and im waiting for you answere.

  2. Invictaz,
    You are so right about the promises. I am so tired of it. My contact at pineriver hasn’t responded to my emails in over a week. It’s probably more likely we will come up with an image than pineriver or miniand.
    As for the e-server app, I was able to install e-server using the .apk from your “system files” post.
    However, it does not appear to start up. I suspect it is due to library(s) missing from my build.
    Let me know if you could use some help. I have experience with kernel development and such and I have experience putting together images when the manufacturer is less than forthcoming.

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