Bad audio quality – humming

So the MiniX Plus definately needs a new firmware since my boot is screwed over the past  few days, while tweaking. If anybody succesfully extracted the firmware please give me a hand and post it.

A user replied on this blog that the audio out (analog, via the composite out port) has a strange humming, while moving the mouse. When watching a movie I noticed this as well, as my audio was connected to the home cinema receiver.

It’s really bad and changes when moving from PAL to NTSC in a different frequency. Absolutely don’t know what is happening here. Maybe the Mele guys got this as well.

So far the only thing to do is mute when audio is not needed, but that is a weird solution.
My MiniX Plus comes from so I hope their after sales support is coming up with a solution.

Anybody else experiences this problem?


17 thoughts on “Bad audio quality – humming

  1. My unit has an annoying constant buzzing, but I think I managed to isolate it to the power supply. So I’m getting a new adapter and hopefully that will solve the issue.

  2. My unit has the same problem, i even tried to run it from an external 3A usb battery pack, but even that didn´t solve the problem… i´m going to return it as i can´t use it for watching movies.

  3. Hi from Romania,my minix tv box has the same background noice,i think its from processor,if i open another aplication its buzzing me diferrently.The sound quality when i watching a movie is half and i must raice the wolume of my tv. I dont have hdmi tv to test if on hdmi cable is the same noiced.

  4. I also, had problems with audio quality. I resolved it by using cheap usb audio card. Unfortunatly i can not give a link since ibought it localy.

  5. I found another fix
    Power supply the very poor quality of assembly. Replace it
    Аfter that I don’t hear constant buzzing.
    Strange humming, while moving the mouse preset in different power supply then i test

    • you wanny hear something funny, being the USB host the minix would prefer to draw power from the USB port rather then provide it… when I plug in the USB hub, I can disconnect the power adapter and it still works… and the hub still acts as a USB hub and gives power to the minix…

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