MiniX Plus manual CD

The support of manufacturer Pineriver is “from the shelf to the door” as they say here.
No downloadable firmware, no online manual and even no manual included in the MK1 (older) MiniX boxes. Luckily in my MiniX Plus box, there was a small CD with manual.

This small 8cm cd is a nightmare for anyone with a slot-in cd/dvd drive or Macbook users.
The small discs can get stuck and you have to take a screwdriver or a knife to take them out.

So, I zipped up the contents of this mini CD that is in every MiniX Plus box.

The E-Share APK included works as a wireless mirror for your Android device.
Read the manuals before you continue.

Download MiniX Plus Manual CD


14 thoughts on “MiniX Plus manual CD

  1. I get “Remote device not connect” forever, though phone and minix are on the same wifi.
    Any ideas?

  2. That E-Control app looks brilliant. Could you give us a zip of the /system/app folder from the MiniXPlus. That should be all we need hopefully.

  3. Thanks for system apps, there was E-Control server apk. I installed this and it is running, but I still can’t connect to it even I set up IP manually.

      • Perhaps some files are missing. For example, and at least. I copied them into the /system/lib but still they do not want to work properly yet.

  4. Hi there, I have tried the e-control apk also, but it was not possible to establish a connect to the android box. E-control server is running. Anybody out there, where it works as it should ?

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