Uberoid runs on MiniX – Flash via Livesuit

Hurray, I finally figured out how to boot custom roms, even those intended for MK802 on the MiniX. The only thing you need to know is how to trigger RECOVERY mode. Normally, this is done via a hardware button on the MK802, but the MiniX doesn’t have one.
It can be triggered via an exploit, that fails to boot to the normal flash, and therefore enters recovery. We can use this recovery to format the MiniX and write a new image to it’s NAND.

So, take this livesuit trigger img, flash it with Phoenixcard to a microSD, and put it into the MiniX. Power up and wait 5 minutes (nothing happens).

Then take out the microSD card, and start Livesuit. Livesuit will recognize the device and installs the drivers, look on Google for them “VIDΒ 1F3A PID EFE8″

Livesuit will ask to do a normal flash or format flash. I chose format flash.
I used Uberoid Beta 3 (which is old, but this is a proof of concept).

If it’s done, it displays a yellow exclamation mark in a small popup and shows 100% in a green progress bar. Start the MiniX and you have an Uberoid screen after 5-10 minutes πŸ™‚

Only 1 USB port is working, the left one. Hopefully this can be fixed.
Plus it’s Android 4.0.3 instead of 4.0.4.


8 thoughts on “Uberoid runs on MiniX – Flash via Livesuit

  1. wow! you are my inspiration, my god! πŸ™‚
    what uberoid image did you use and how it works? i’ll try it tomorrow

    • This is a very old Uberoid image, BETA 3. So more of a proof of concept. There are much newer versions out, but I had this one on my harddrive already.

      It really runs well, has a few tweaks I still want to test. Too bad only 1 USB port (the UMS) works.

      • hi, could you tell in detail how to make livesuit run ? i can install mele and mini xplus firmware to the mini xplus but nothing else worked for now… thx a lot

      • Just flash the Livesuittrigger.img with Phoenixtracker to an SD card, put it in the MiniX. Then pull the power line off, and start Livesuit. Remove the SD then and ONLY connect the male to male USB cable to the right port of the MiniX. It should begin installing a driver, and Livesuit should ask if you want to format before writing, say yes and there you go. Have fun.

  2. Muchas Gracias! No podia encontrar la manera de ponerlo en modo recuperacion.
    Luego de esta ayuda (con la imagen que compartis) pude empezar el proceso de flasheo y re- flasheo constante en busca de mejoras para mi MiniX.
    (Lamentablemente la diferencia entre tu idioma y el mio me hace muy dificil entender las instriucciones, pero por lo menos es una minima luz a seguir)

  3. Hello invictaz,

    Thank you for all the valuable info on this blog.
    I was hoping you could help me with something.
    I’ve managed to brick my MiniX clone, and none of the solutions you suggest work.
    I’ve not been able to get livesuit working nor updatimg via SDcard.
    The only thing I have been able to get working is flashing a Ubuntu image on the SD.
    But this runs so slow its unworkable.
    Are you aware of any workable images that run of the SDcard?

    Thanks in advance,

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