Bad news

The editing of build.prop didn’t enabled the composite AV out on the MK802II rom.

So it must be more than only that file, or I’m doing something wrong.

I replaced the script.bin and script0.bin with that of the MiniX Plus, and it didn’t work.

Plus, enabling the second USB port didn’t work. I guess hardware must be enabled somewhere else (too).


2 thoughts on “Bad news

  1. I have changed my MiniX’s firmware and firmwares I found don’t work on old TV’s with AV input.
    Please give us good news. I am looking forward your good news.

  2. Only official MiniX firmware has support for TV out. I’ve narrowed it down to a function in the kernel (boot.img) I THINK, but unsure about that. Other firmware’s like Mele / MK802 / Uberoid and CM9/10 don’t have analog (composite) TV out build in or activated, only HDMI out. In almost all cases it’s 720P, sometimes upscalable to 1080P. 3D support 24hz side-by-side only works proper in MK802 rev 1 firmware, which is flashable on the MiniX as well via the Livesuit exploit (search for it on this site).

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