Overclock the MiniX – part 2

In the last post, I mentioned the possibility of overclock. Normally this depends on the kernel. Having flashed the Mele 2.3 firmware image, AnTuTu CPU master is able to overclock beyond the standard 1008 mhz to around 1152 Mhz, which is a 10% overclock in cycles. AnTuTu score is 100 points higher, which is an increase of 3,5%.

Not only is the device becoming much warmer, in fact HOT, but also this shortens the lifetime of the chip. So for a little improvement in performance you can get some trouble in the long way.

Also, don’t set the overclock to be set on boot. If the device freezes on the overclock, this happens every time you boot. The MiniX Plus can also be overclocked when rooted.

Overvolting (already done on the MK802) to 1.5 volts is also possible if you edit the sys_config in script.bin (on Nanda vfat partition). There is no app that I’m aware of that can do this.


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