Firmware debate

There is indeed a new firmware on the released MIniX Plus boxes. This firmware includes Wifi direct, working PPPOE together with 3G, Blu-ray folder playback, USB Audio sound output versions (codec or spdif), DTS audio out, and stability fixes.

So to debunk the rumors there is simply no real August firmware for the normal MiniX, only installed on the MiniX Plus. 

The  further developed firmware has datecode 2012 – 08 – 23.

You see this often in releases of new hardware that older hardware gets unsupported.
It is possible that the normal MiniX goes out of stock and then out of production, because
the MiniX Plus is more efficient to produce and sell.

But, as the normal MiniX is still on sale, and this was the start of the blog, I’m not letting it down. Therefore, it should be possible to have the MiniX Plus firmware on the MiniX.

Then, apart from the hardware revisions such as the holes and the bracket, a MiniX can become a MiniX Plus. In my opinion you can do whatever you want with a device, because you have bought it.

I will try to extract the new firmware. It is called Android 4.0 version 1.2 in the MiniX Plus manual. The manufacturer said that if you do a full recovery, you can only get back to Android 4.0 v1.0, which in my opinion is smart (otherwise others could flash MiniX Plus software on their MiniX) but also very stupid.

This because if you go back to Android 4.0 v1.0 you LOOSE functionality, introduce more bugs and not get the full power out of this little device!

So, on to the rip of the new firmware 🙂

I have the first nand dump’s ready, but not ready yet for flashing, since they are unsigned .img files.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Firmware debate

  1. How it’s going with ripping the firmware? I just received MiniX with 4.0.4 firmware from June and having MiniX Plus firmware running it with DTS output would be a plus.

    • Negative on that firmware, I tried but it failed. Now I released the root method, maybe somebody else can dump it.

  2. So what the difference between the MiniX and MiniXplus? I can buy the MiniX in Jakarta but no idea if thats wise to do so….

    • MiniX Plus is newer, has newer firmware, more cooling, better paint layer on top, newer box with AV cable inside, some wireless mirroring apps etc.

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