Audio and video out depends on firmware version!

The MiniX can output PAL or NTSC over a 17mm connector to standard composite in sources. Several users already have made their own cables or bought one from

The thing is that the firmware ROM describes how the video and video are sorted.

Having flashed the Mele Rom, I couldn’t use the composite out, even if I selected it.

The Mele ROM has a different routine of outputting the video.

This is included in script.bin, which I described in this post.

To edit Script.bin files yourself, use this rar file I made myself.

MiniX script.bin unscripter for windows

And edit the values to this:

dac_used = 1
dac0_src = 0
dac1_src = 5
dac2_src = 6
dac3_src = 4

You have to install Java Development Kit first (JDK) before you can run the bat file.


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