Composite TV out config

So it seems that dual av out is one step closer. Editing the script.bin (or script.fex) in the first partition, where the bootloader is reveals a file called sys_config.fex

It has all variables for CPU megahertz, voltage, LCD configuration, Audio setup and so on.

TV out seems linked to this boundary of variables. MK802 has different ones, since it doesn’t have the AV out. These are the ones from MiniX Plus:

;tv out dac configuration
;dacx_src: 0:composite; 1:luma; 2:chroma; 4:Y; 5:Pb; 6: Pr; 7:none
dac_used = 1
dac0_src = 0

dac1_src = 5
dac2_src = 6
dac3_src = 4

And the setup for multiple screens can also be done, if set to other mode.

;disp init configuration
;disp_mode (0:screen0<screen0,fb0> 1:screen1<screen1,fb0> 2:two_diff_screen_diff_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0,fb1>
; 3:two_same_screen_diff_contets<screen0,screen1,fb0> 4:two_diff_screen_same_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0>)
;screenx_output_type (0:none; 1:lcd; 2:tv; 3:hdmi; 4:vga)
;screenx_output_mode (used for tv/hdmi output, 0:480i 1:576i 2:480p 3:576p 4:720p50 5:720p60 6:1080i50 7:1080i60 8:1080p24 9:1080p50 10:1080p60 11:pal 14:ntsc)
;screenx_output_mode (used for vga output, 0:1680*1050 1:1440*900 2:1360*768 3:1280*1024 4:1024*768 5:800*600 6:640*480 10:1920*1080 11:1280*720)
;fbx format (4:RGB655 5:RGB565 6:RGB556 7:ARGB1555 8:RGBA5551 9:RGB888 10:ARGB8888 12:ARGB4444)
;fbx pixel sequence (0:ARGB 1:BGRA 2:ABGR 3:RGBA) — 0 for linux, 2 for android
;lcdx_bright (lcd init bright, value:0~256, default:197)


Remember that just replacing the script.bin could work, but it has different DRAM configuration. So it might not boot. Editing it yourself should be better.

Full coverage of all settings possible: FEX Guide 


9 thoughts on “Composite TV out config

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  2. S-Video will be possible if you use a HDMI>S-Video converter. But native output from the chip will be very difficult. There is no pin-out from the Allwinner A10 for S-Video. You can change the colorspace though in sys_config1 (script.bin) but I don’t know yet how that works.

  3. Hi,
    I tried to get both HDMI and CVBS out working simultaneously on Mele A2000, (allwinner A10 board). Any chance you would happen to know the configuration in script.bin to make this happen?

    • Tried over and over again, editing the new script.bin. It indeed has a function there that enables composite out, but it needs support in the Android kernel as well. As I’m totally not into kernel development, I don’t know if it’s possible to achieve this. Someone with Android ROM development has to look into this.

  4. Hello,

    I am having trouble getting hold of the script file and am having the same issue, no CVBS out unfortuantely. Thanks in advance for any idea


  5. I’m hoping an easy fix for this is released. I’m trying to simutaneous display through an lcd tv (HDMI) and a projector (RCA with red yellow white inputs). I’m not sure if it can be done, but I did request one of the new AV cables to be sent out… maybe that’ll help?

    • Still havn’t found a fix. But I have seen android devices that can do it both. Should be implemented in kernel, and video processor driver I think.

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