Cheap rip-off clones

So the MiniX is cloned by an unknown manufacturer. Benefits are a lower price and as it seems a normal 3,5 mm AV cable. But, no one knows about the build quality, durability and firmware. I’d say stay away from these things and buy a real MiniX Plus because of the supplied extra’s in the box. But if you don’t have the money, buy this and enjoy.

It is called MK805 or Jetway G1 and comes in 4GB memory format.

Price: 52-72 dollars, which is indeed cheaper than a official MiniX or MiniX plus

Images are clickable:


8 thoughts on “Cheap rip-off clones

  1. I do not think these devices are cheap rip offs
    I am almost sure that the only thing that is different is the shell and that is done on request
    All are made in the same factory in china and then are sold to different retailers Rikomagik/Miniand/DealExtreme….

  2. DealExtremeasks for the MiniX(1gb) 75 usd NOT THE PLUS
    Pandawill asks for the Mini Xplus(1gb) 85 usd
    But if you look better you will find it for 63 usd(Minix plus)

  3. I bought one of these copys (device and box is the same as pictures) and performance is worse than original.
    Device gets very high temperatures past few miinutes and restars everytime. Enclousure burn if you touch it.
    I’m searching a new firmware because I’ve seen that problem is the high temperature of CPU.
    Arquiteture of mainboard it´s a little bit different than other. WiFi chipset is integrated on mainboard directly under Alwinner chipset (on the other side of motherboard),

    In conclusion, I don’t like this device and I’ll try to find a solution of high temperature problem.

  4. Can you post a picture of the chipsets of that copy device? (upload via Imageshack and post the link here). Then i’ll put it on the blog. Thanks.

    • Very interesting, would like to see the board. On the images I have posted there is a remote seen that is an exact copy.

      Pineriver regrets the copies though.

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