New MiniX Plus possibilities

It seems that the MiniX Plus has besides a new hardware design, also a new firmware/bootloader or other improvements, as the new image suggests.

-Over the air updates
-Game controller support
-Skype with full mic/camera support

Hopefully large version of this image later.


3 thoughts on “New MiniX Plus possibilities

  1. All of the specs listings for the Mini X Plus say the following:
    “Camera: connecting with a popular USB camera/ mic will enable Skype/ MSN/ Google talk applications”

    But has anyone actually made it work with Skype (video and audio) and ANY camera (driverless ?).

      • Marcelo,
        – which WebCam modell do you use with Skype?
        – how is it connected to the Mini Xplus (directly or via powered? Hub)?
        – to which USB port it is conneted (Host or OTG)?
        – which Skype for Android version do you use (original 2.8 or actual 3.0)?
        – how do you check if camera works in skype?

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