MiniX Plus PCB overview

The MiniX Plus has a slightly different board layout, with the PCB flipped and, on some models, 1GB DDR memory. If the DDR speed is the same is unknown. The other components, like the AV connector, voltage controller, CPU and Wifi stayed the same it seems.

The date on the MiniX was 2012.05.14 (all versions, Miniand/Pandawill/Dealextreme) and the MiniX Plus is dated 2012.06.19.

Thanks to Yangxi for uploading this, the image is clickable.


8 thoughts on “MiniX Plus PCB overview

  1. recieved my 1gb version thi week same date 2012-5-14 same pcb 2 different memory chips.
    i waiting for minix number 3 hope thats a new one, and this one has a eu power plug and ordered a hdmi to vga hope it wil work.

  2. The new MiniX Plus only has the newer PCB with 2012-06-19 4DDR on it. I’m recommending the 1GB version indeed. Seems much smoother, but it depends also on the ROM. Because my Android phones with 256MB and 512 can run also smoothly.

  3. В этом девайсе установленно 512 МБ оперативной памяти, смотрите маркировку чипа памяти – H5TQ2G83BFR, они по 256 МБ, и их всего два
    It is established in this devayse 512 MB of RAM, see marking the memory chip – H5TQ2G83BFR, they are 256 MB, and only two of them

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