August firmware

After firmware updates June (preloaded on the first batches of the MiniX) and the July update, the new August fimware 08/08/2012 seems ready. Although this is almost a month ago, it promises optimized features, although no changelog is given by Pineriver.

Stay tuned for a link, and a mirror.


7 thoughts on “August firmware

  1. good work!!!
    Im waiting for the upgrade of August firmware.
    i have my h24 since 1 day ago and your blog is very usefull to start testing.
    What about XBMC in H24. I have downladed the beta and it starts but i dont play video sucessfully. do you have tested it?

  2. The factory told me that this 20120808 firmware is the same as the old June firmware which I simply can’t believe. As the new MiniX Plus is rumored to have more compatibility for game controllers it should be newer, but not available as of yet.

    • Unfortunately compilation of a ripped firmware failed. Michael from is still working on it, but he is in Australia at the moment and doesn’t have access to a computer with Linux on it.

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