Running Android 2.3 – recommended

Yes, I know Android 4.0 ICS firmware is there for the MiniX in two flavours: June and July and some custom roms. But, Android 2.3.6 has a lower DDR memory clock speed so less heat. That’s why I flashed it.

The first tests, I flashed the mele_JD_20120612_v1.6.img, which comes directly from and is intended for their A1000/A2000 boxes.

  • Is a lot faster than 4.0 ICS
  • Is a lot cleaner than 4.0.
  • Has more free memory: 167 mb
  • Has 1080P60. Is even faster on HDMI 480P.
  • Runs kernel 2.6.36
  • Has soft power down that works.

Some problems too:

  • Youtube HQ doesn’t work
  • No root patch included

Since this is so fast, I’m running this rom now for a while!


4 thoughts on “Running Android 2.3 – recommended

  1. I got the mini x with 512mb and ics 4.0.4 but the browser is rather slow.
    I got the feeling that the device is slow in general.

    How can I get 2.3 image and install it?
    Can you give me some usefull links for it?

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