Create your own composite cable

With the pinout posted on this blog, see here
It is possible that you create your own composite AV cable, as the sales of these things is very tricky. Pineriver is finally sending them out of the door, but in very limited supply.

I’m still waiting for one to arrive, hopefully that is very soon.

Akrim posted on this blog a link to his own cable, which he managed to create from a normal plug that is too short. Cut the plastic, file the plug and you’re done. Many thanks for this AK.

Image is clickable

17 thoughts on “Create your own composite cable

  1. I have tried, but for some reason it does’nt work for me – probably because of software settings.
    Do you have to change the display output to PAL/NTSC ? (Did’nt work either…)


  2. Composite video does only work if it is have it plugged in at boot. If you switch when the device is on, sometimes it doesn’t work.

  3. Hey. Just got my minix today but i can’t seem to make it work. My monithor has a DVI to HDMI cable and it does not work at all. It seems it is a comun problem with minix but the av does not work eighter. I’ve even tryed to cut the av cable and stick the wires directly to the av connector on the minix so that there would be no problems with teh leinght of the jack and still does not work. Do I have to connect it to a HDMI enebled monithor first and make some settings for the av to work? Or do you have any ideas how can i make this work with my DVI monithor? Thanks

    • Connect to proper HDMI monitor, disable HDCP in developer menu (set to never) and then connect DVI monitor via that dvi>hdmi cable.

      • I tryed that and still does not work with the dvi-hdmi cable but now the av out works and that means i have audio as well ^_^ …the video out quality with av is not great but i can live with it. Thank You!

  4. I just got my minix and it has an obnoxious buzz in the audio using the included AV cable. I don’t need a composite cable, but would like to try a new AV cable to see if it helps, which one do I need to buy. I tried an old camcorder type AV cable but it didn’t work.

    • Michael from sells the same ones (with the red 17mm 3,5 connector). Don’t think that a home made is better. The only manufacturer that has included these special cables is Dane-Elec, with one of their media players.
      Too bad it has a buzz.

      • Thanks, but I think the buzz may be coming from the unit itself, hard to isolate. Basically makes it unusable for me, I will just see if I can return it, since it is not worth hunting down the special cable.

  5. I am also not happy at all with streaming video to the minix from my server over wi-fi which is the main reason I bought it. Sound is always out of sync and performance is pretty poor. Too much of a pain in the butt to send this back to China so if anybody in the US wants a MiniX Plus that was used for less than a day it is up for sale.

    • Use RJ45, wifi (at least on the MiniX Plus) is 802.11 N but still it isn’t sufficient for 1080P streaming. Don’t use ES File Explorer over Samba, as it has too small buffers for streaming video. SMB is too slow, even on ethernet. Beter have the files via FTP (some apps allow streaming over that as well) or select a different protocol for streaming.

      • Thanks but a wired connection is not possible. Has to be wi-fi since it is on a different floor from our router. So only way to go is FTP? I have tried that and got hit and miss results depending on the file, but it does seem slightly better than SMB. It does seem to like most mp4s ok but not divx avi. Don’t know if you have a suggestion for the best app/player that will work with streaming video over wifi to the minix, I have only used ES File Explorer and the two players that came stock with the machine.

      • Google “ES File explorer buffer” and you will find some other solutions as well. For now, as I use my ipod as a portable harddrive I can watch divxfiles very well. I never do Blu-ray on this thing so files are small anyways.

  6. OK thanks. I will hopefully have the chance to root it within the next few days, and try a few of these things to improve streaming before I finally give up and sell it to somebody with a wired connection, or who wants it for another purpose.

    • Finally got a chance to root this unit but, can’t seem to do much of anything I want with it, video wise. Obviously not a good unit if you have a wireless network. Oh well, will just have to look for something else that will work over wifi to stream video from my NAS to my TV.

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