USB Ethernet

So using the wifi can be usefull, but if you have a UTP ethernet cable lying around in the neighborhood of your TV, it could be usefull to plug it into the MiniX.

I can confirm that the one from Dealextreme works.

Purchase here

No modifications needed, no terminal work. Just plug it in and go!

Based on the ASIX AX88772B chipset. On Win7 64 it works too.

The red light is very bright and the device get’s a little warm. full 10 mbit (my maximum)

Chipset specs here:


5 thoughts on “USB Ethernet

  1. Hi i have the ASIX AX88772A USB Ethernet stick but it dont works.
    By ASIX site its a download driver for android for this model, how can i combile this driver to my mini xplus.
    Thanks for your answer.
    And sorry for my bad englisch.

  2. Which firmware are you running on the MiniX? Normally Asix.ko is running on startup. You can check which modules are running via the command: lsmod (via terminal emulator).

  3. Thanks its ok it was my Belkin rooter that gives not a ip adress tu mini xplus, i try with my old rooter and i take 2,34 MB per sec. Thanks a lot .

  4. I bought one of the cheap usb to ethernet from ebay, the blue ones for $3.15
    It works like a charm 🙂 I plugged it in and could see its MAC address in the settings, removed it and it all zeroed out. Runs a little colder with it than wifi. Now to get usb bluetooth to work.

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