Soft power off

Via the remote, the MiniX can be put into standby mode, or something like that.

But the real power off can be done over adb:

Type “adb shell reboot -p”, without the quotes and it shuts down to a red led.

EDIT: This app does the same:


12 thoughts on “Soft power off

      • take the original recovery.img flash it the same way as you did with cm9.
        then make a sd-card with the phoenix-method and your back to stock.

        There is 1 problem with this shutdown way. both with the terminal and the app you can’t turn it back on. only by removing te power and put it back in.
        so……save what ever you are doing put it in standby and pull the adapter from the power outlet. and save power and money 🙂

  1. Edit

    it does boot up when clicking on the mouse buttons, does not react on remote control

  2. on the miniand forum minix/disccusion/help-need-dump-of-original-mini-xplus-recovery

  3. I managet to turn the device off by remote. Twice. I didn’t actually understood how I did this. First time I just wanted to wake up my minix but saw a message that device is turning off. After that I managed even to turn it ON using remote (pushed on/off button several times and in a few seconds minix turned on). The secon time I tried to figure out HOW I did it. It seems that you need to hold on/off button for some seconds. But I succeeded only after several tries. Perhaps the first attempt did not succeed because of bad and non constant signal from remote.

    • I don’t know this blog is not about the X6 version of MiniX, but only about the Pineriver brand devices, not the MiniX brand ones.

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