Same name different game

So a new Hong Kong based company shows up on Facebook.

Prepairing to launch a new Dual Core Cortex A9 mini pc with, how surprising, the same name: Minix.

The full name is Minix NEO G4.

Seems legit, but can interfere with the copyrights Pineriver and have on this little machine’s name. This blog isn’t about this device (yet), but a single post is nice.

Until it comes out, it has some nice specs to look at:

Rockchip RK3066 dualcore chipset.
Mali 400 GPU
8GB flash included
Build in mini HDMI
Nice price: <90 dollars including shipping.


3 thoughts on “Same name different game

  1. Dear Author,

    Previously there was a company ( infringed our MINIX trademark.
    We’ve informed them for such infringement and requested them to stop using the MINIX trademark or we will be forced to take legal action.
    They have renamed it to “Mini XPlus” already.

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