VGA out

The Mele has a VGA output port, but this can be easily achieved with a MiniX as well. Since there are rumors that HDMI-DVI doesn’t work (gives purple image or no image at all) VGA is another option.

See the video


8 thoughts on “VGA out

  1. HDMI to DVI problem is not a rumor.
    It’s a real problem I encountered in my MiniX Plus H24.
    Is their something to do with that?
    Is it a HW bug or SW fix can be applied?

    Thank you,
    you have a very helpful site!

  2. Seems dependant on the HDMI to DVI converter you use and the monitor that it is connected to. Did you already try another monitor or another converter / cable?

    Otherwise, it would be fixable with firmware I think.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I tested the converter on more than 3 different brands of DVI monitors with no success.
      When using the same converter with HDMI “IP STB” and “Blue ray player” and “WD Live Streamer” it is working fine. (What led me to believe that the converter is OK)

      • Hi, so it seems that the converter is okay. So another thing to do is try to switch the resolution on a HDMI TV to 480p and then pull out the HDMI cable and switch to the converter. Maybe this helps. Did you try the Android 2.3 firmware from ? Maybe it helps.

      • when HDCP is active hdmi not work with monitor and convector without HDCP function.
        when HDCP is disactive hdmi work with all monitor and convector.
        p.s. DVI have not HDCP. HDCP have only HDMI

      • Nope, I have HDCP off and HDMI is still working.
        DVI does have HDCP, since there are HDMI to DVI cables.

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