New hardware design

A newer hardware design of the MiniX has come up. Pineriver Technology decided to improve the MiniX.
It has a new name also: MiniX Plus.

New features:

-Heat issue improved by new bracket that places it off the surface
-Ventilation holes inside the case for better cooling.
-Modular power supply with separate USB cable
-PCB board upside down in the case so that it doesn’t touch the case anymore

According to the first testings of, where it’s going to be sold, it is still warm but not hot anymore. The price at their website will be around 84 dollars.

All other hardware specifications remain the same.




8 thoughts on “New hardware design

  1. So nothing that really matters in the mini x plus, only solving the heating problem. I was not sure if I should buy the mini x or wait for the plus, because I was hoping for 1gb ram but now I do not regret that I orderd the normal one. Mine should arrive in a couple of weeks and for the heating problem i thought of a solution. I took a mini fan from a old video card (it workd on 5v so there should be no problem) and i plan on attaching it on top of the CPU. Also for a case I am going to use the plastic box form a ipod nano (it sholud fit perfectly). I’ve also seen cooling fans on ebay for abot 3$, they don’t have the aluminium heatsink but should work pretty well too, so if you are not afraid to lose your warranty I thing it is a hardware trick worth doing. Also in case there is a kernel that will allow overclocking, with a cooling sistem like this I do not have to worry that it will overheat. I plan on making a couple of videos after I receive it. Really excited about the idea of having a mini pc like this. Cheers 🙂

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    • It definately is, the holes are manufactured professionally, you get a free composite out cable in the box, newer firmware (I will extract this but that’s unofficial). The price difference is less than 15 dollars. An AV cable + shipping will cost you that, and you will have to do the drilling yourself. If you really want to go for the cheapest solution, you need to drill the ventilation holes and make the composite out cable yourself.

      • Cable and shipping do cost less that $2. Besides, I’ve received my minix 3 days ago so I’m not ready to order one more ))

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