Video decoding quality, your opinion?

I know the MiniX doesn’t have DcDi by Faroudja or some other smoothing technology, but it seems that the video’s I’m watching over USB are less fluent and less vibrate as on other dvd players with XviD or DivX playback.

The video’s seem to have more artifacts, lower framerate, less vibrant colors and a different aspect ratio.

In comparison, I’ve tested the Zoran Vaddis 7 chipset, an ESS one and the MediaTek 1389, which have better results and are available in both high-end as well as cheaper dvd players.

What’s your opinion about this?


2 thoughts on “Video decoding quality, your opinion?

  1. Perhaps video quality is a little lower than on other devices, but it’s not very bad. So minix is not bad for watching videos.

  2. Invictaz,
    In my opinion, the Mini Xplus’s hardware decoding quality is not too bad.
    I have a Rockchip RK3066 based Mini PC as well and the Rockchip definitely delivers higher quality video. It also has two cores and runs roughly twice the speed of the Allwinner A10’s single core. However, the A10 definitely has much more accessible recovery options–I had to crack open my RikoMagic and intentionally short between pins 7 and 8 on the nand chip, then connect the power and unshort the pins 5 seconds later, just to re-image the device after I pushed the envelope and installed chainfire3D beta drivers.

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