Using a 3G dongle – part 2.

So, I followed this tutorial, but too bad it didn’t work. The mobile networks menu setting still crashes the settings menu. I might need AOKP in order to make it work. Stay tuned.


1. you will need a program called “Hercules” to connect to your modem via serial
Download Hercules
you have to check under system/device manager what COM port is your modem connected to. then you choose the one in hercules and send the command:


if the answer is:


then it’s correct (carefully check all the numbers and their order). if you get some other numbers then you have to send another command:


after you do it you have to disconnect and reconnect your modem again to check if the changes have been applied (ie. send AT^SETPORT? again and see if your modem responds properly. if not, repeat the whole procedure)

2. go into /system/etc/init.d/ and create a file called 11modem . Go to edit the file and it should contain:

echo "12d1 1506" > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id

Save it.

3. edit /etc/3g_dongle.cfg . you have add the following lines:


4. if needed, you’ll have to create APN for your provider. I’d advise to do restart after first three steps and create APN after reboot. remember that if your modem is not properly recognized by the system, you won’t be able to activate APNs


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