Universal remote – Pronto Codes

So using this small remote seems a bit weird. It has a weak Chinese IR transmitter, and adds up to the pile of remotes you already have, for the tv/stereo/pvr etcetera.
I have no Philips Pronto or Logitech Harmony to try this out, but I’m sure it will work.
The file can be converted to short hex or other formats.

I used my Sony PSP to extract the Pronto Hex codes – 40.244 KHz

Protocol: Pioneer
Device: 1
OBC: 6
EFC: 182

I didn’t program all buttons but can do on request, just leave a comment.

Have fun.

MiniX RDF File


3 thoughts on “Universal remote – Pronto Codes

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  2. Hello,

    What should I do with this ‘rdf’ file? How to integrate it into Android?
    Thank you.

    P.S.: very nice site!


    • Maybe you can convert them to a file that is readable by and Android app?
      For example one for the HTC One which has an IR transmitter.

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