S/PDIF possibility

I’ve found some modules inside the firmware image, that suggest S/PDIF out.
Here’s a snippet of the file.

Hopefully it is possible when connected to the usb port. Stay tuned for more investigation.

Interface author=ALLWINNER depends= vermagic=3.0.8 preempt mod_unload modversions ARMv7 [SPDIF]Enter %s
[SPDIF]SPECIAL CLK 0x01c20068 = %#x, line= %d
[SPDIF]SPECIAL CLK 0x01c200C0 = %#x, line = %d
[SPDIF]SPECIAL CLK 0x01c200C0 = %#x, line= %d
apb_spdif spdif_apbclk failed! line = %d
audio_pllx8 audio_pll spdif try to set parent of spdif_moduleclk to spdif_pll2ck failed! line = %d
set spdif_moduleclk clock freq to 24576000 failed! line = %d
open spdif_moduleclk failed! line = %d
spdif_para spdif_used [SPDIF]sun4i_spdif_init fetch spdif using configuration failed
[SPDIF]sun4i-spdif cannot find any using configuration for controllers, return directly!
sun4i-spdif SPDIF out SPDIF in sun4i_spdif_get_clockrate uç module_layout


2 thoughts on “S/PDIF possibility

    • Hi Sebastian,

      Seems you are much better on the low level stuff, do you want to provide more in depth of this for the website? Thanks.

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