The composite out cable

A Russian MiniX owner found a composite out cable that worked, from one of his media players. Hopefully they will be shipped out together with newer batches of MiniX boxes in the future.

There is no store to get these cables, as far as I’m aware of, so hopefully the manufacturer sells them to the bigger stores as a spare part (Dealextreme, Pandawill)
for those who already own a MiniX.

Hopefully I’m getting my hands on one of these pretty soon.

Here’s some pictures.

Picture source:


and running on a small tv:



14 thoughts on “The composite out cable

  1. Can that owner please specify the connected pins ?
    I don’t mind soldering an adapter myself, only I don’t know which pin is which.

    Thanks for everyone’s help !

  2. Try searching for “3.5mm audio video ipod”. Have not tried it personally but looks like a possible solution.

    • Indeed, if you file a lot of the plug. Better buy a cable from Michael (owner of they are ready made, professional quality and save you the hassle.

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