Grand Theft Auto 3 running

Oh boy, this looks good. I have Grand Theft Auto 3 running with the Mali 400 files.

And better: a normal usb keyboard works!

Although the keymap is still wrong, this gives opportunity.

With the device running the stock June firmware, at full 1008 mhz, it doesn’t run 60 fps, but works better than my Dell Streak. Next step is to optimize this, by loading Chainfire 3D

and / or the optimized SD card files, designed for ARMv6 (73 mb) found on the web.
But, these decrease the visuals so much that it doesn’t do justice to the Mali 400 power available.

The usb mouse serves as a free look, but when a keymap is available this can be changed.

As you can see, the other problem is the status bar, which I’m still working on to dissapear.

There is no display scaling as well, so buttons to skip movies are at the edges of the screen, hard to reach.




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