Composite out pinout

Thanks to a forum poster, the pinout of the MiniX composite A/V pinout is now available.
I’m going to try to get a small wire on the final pin to get at least video out, until a final solution comes.

Stay tuned.



9 thoughts on “Composite out pinout

  1. There is someone on the DX forum that said that he got a working cable from the manuacturer.

  2. I too could not find a 17mm plug, so I hacked a 14mm plug as follows:

    1) Trimmed about 3mm from the molded plastic end; a small metal ring is exposed
    2) File down the metal ring to match diameter of plug; check pin 4 (furthest from tip) see if it is connected to ground of RCA ends, if not go to step 3.
    3) Slit open and rewire plug end to match pins as follows:

    Pin1 (tip) Video, Pin2 Audio-L, Pin 3 Audio-R, Pin 4 Ground (furthest from tip)

    I had to disconnect the HDMI from the Mini X to get the AV output to show up on my TV.
    Not sure if this is a loading issue with the Mini X, or a switching issue with the TV inputs. Maybe others can comment.
    Does anyone have both AV and HDMI cables connected, and do they both work by simply switching input at TV?

    ps-I have a picture of the rewired plug but I was not able to insert it here.


  3. I would like to see minijack welding as disarmament and and only see 3 plug wires and soldering is not as

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