Explore the internal memory on a PC

I have very little experience with ADB, but if you insert a USB cable into the right USB port, it powers up and installs as Android Phone, if you use the correct drivers for this.

Then, use QtADB or Android Commander to browse the internal flash memory.

I know you can do it over a Samba server, but usb seems faster and doesn’t draw that much heat since there is no AV out connected.

Wifi is a heatmaker too, in most phones so usb seems the best for bigger file transfer.



5 thoughts on “Explore the internal memory on a PC

    • Absolutely. Make sure you use a better file explorer than the one build in.
      Use ES file explorer to see the files. You can then open them in the native player (TVD) or another.

      • Thank you!
        I’m about to buy mine this week (from dealextreme, dx.com/p/157430)
        just one thing worries me..
        it’s very important to me that the minix plus will support Hebrew language.
        it doesn’t have hebrew in the operating language (and it doesn’t bothering me because i meant to set english as the operating language anyways)
        but what about set hebrew keyboard? if the device doesnt have it, can i download Hebrew Language Pack via google play? will it work?
        same thing with hebrew subtitles.. i know that i can download mx player that support hebrew subs. but what about the device default player? is it able to display hebrew subtitles without any problems?

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