Build quality

The build quality, after some opening and closing, dissapoints me a bit.

The bad:

-The paint quality is thin
-If you screw the 2 screws on the back too tight, the backplate bows in
-The IR window resembles a circle, but inside is a square which is wider than that, so a bit   worse reception.
-Micro SD mount isn’t on the same level as the hole in the casing, could have better alignment.
-Aluminium casing is a real heat maker, could use some ventilation holes
-No rubber feet underneath so slippery on glass and wood. I used some beer mats or a coffee saucer.

The good:

-External antenna is screwed on nicely
-Aluminium over plastic
-The usb ports fit nicely, easy to plug in
-HDMI port positioned right, could have been upside down


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